Graphic Novels, Continued

While we wait on my talented and brilliant teacher husband to post about some of his favorite graphic novels for upper elementary/middle school and his passion for introducing children to this genre, I found a few more worth sharing this morning at the library.


First up, I rediscovered this nonfiction graphic novel series about different animals. We had checked out Do You Know Crocodiles? previously, so this time, we got the …Rats? one. They are by Alain Bergeron, Michel Quintin and Sampar; look up all the animals available at your library or on Amazon to see the full collection.

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Challenge 2, Last Part (I promise): Fairytale Collections

How did you do with the Fairytale Challenge? Did you find some you and your children liked? If you started this challenge back around Valentine’s Day, you’re probably ready to move on, but there are just so many different variations in this genre, I wanted to give plenty of time for exploration. If you haven’t had a chance, just jump in and do it now.

Here are a few more recommendations. I think having one compilation or anthology is a great idea for ease and variety, and they usually tend toward a specific age level.

Fairy tale anthologies we like; Yummy is especially good for the youngest listeners
Fairy tale anthologies we like

Yummy by Lucy Cousins is particularly good for older toddlers and preschoolers because of the simple retellings and bright illustrations, but be warned that Cousins doesn’t shy away from the typical fairytale violence. The other three shown here are better for elementary aged children; there are less illustrations and longer retellings. Continue reading