Graphic Novels, Continued

While we wait on my talented and brilliant teacher husband to post about some of his favorite graphic novels for upper elementary/middle school and his passion for introducing children to this genre, I found a few more worth sharing this morning at the library.


First up, I rediscovered this nonfiction graphic novel series about different animals. We had checked out Do You Know Crocodiles? previously, so this time, we got the …Rats? one. They are by Alain Bergeron, Michel Quintin and Sampar; look up all the animals available at your library or on Amazon to see the full collection.

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Let Them Read Comics!

I have actually not forgotten I have this blog, believe it or not! Would you believe if I said I was just trying to give you TONS of time to explore nonfiction with your kids?! (Really, I just got very busy with the end of the school year/semester and the start of another semester of teaching for me.)

We could keep going with nonfiction to kick off summer. I’ve already made the case that nonfiction can be great high-interest material for kids to get involved with, plus it can require less concentration because of the way nonfiction texts are often organized (how kids can skip around and read the parts they’re most interested in). And don’t forget, kid-appropriate magazines, which are often a mix of light fiction and nonfiction, are fantastic for summer, trips, pool/lake/beach-side reading! I could keep going with nonfiction, but I’m ready to switch over to something new.

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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Nonfiction Text World

Mad, as in crazy, as in there’s a crazy amount of nonfiction texts out there, because there’s an incomprehensible and probably infinite number of topics that nonfiction texts can address! Nonfiction texts are how we keep learning new things at any age and how a new generation understands the world and learns to reach greater heights than the previous generation. Powerful!

It’s been awhile since the first nonfiction post–we had Spring Break and then I had a new class starting up that sucked up all my extra energy–so I don’t know where you are with the nonfiction challenge. Hopefully you have at least opened up to the idea of trying nonfiction with your kids.

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